Special for dismantling nuclear crane

Specialist for nuclear cranes

Specialist for steel metal crane process

About us

ORSKY is a world class manufacturer of high quality industrial cranes.


ORSKY is equipped to handle all of your material handling requirements, from standard cranes to highly specialized custom engineered systems.


Our service of consultants support you with a wide range of industry-specific expertise to create a service strategy tailored to your business needs.

Our nuclear cranes

?? Our expertise in nuclear crane system and handling solutions makes all the difference in paying attention to all details.

? Nuclear lifting equipment : cranes & hoists

? Produces 20 units / year

Our cranes

? ?We design and build innovative handling and lifting solutions with passion and with a long experience, using state of the art technology.

? ?Our expertise for crane solutions makes all the difference in paying attention to all details.

? ?This begins with our unlimited respect for the customer’s needs and extends to qualified advice before, during and after the sale.

? ?We ?strives to offer you the highest quality product and service at competitive prices.

Our special cranes

? ?We can provide solutions and adapted fabrication for each special case in order to meet high tech requirements and the specific needs of your industrial programme thanks to its Mechanical and Electrical Design Offices.

? ?A Technical Sales engineer is then dedicated to the development, implementation and commissioning of your installation.

? ?Our range includes a wide variety of accessories for many different special applications. Our cranes are equipped with rolled section girders or welded box girders.

? ?All the sections used for main girders and end carriages are computer-optimised for high performance and low weight, benefits that pay in terms of strength and cost efficiency.

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